Fighting in Palestine Escalates

12 June 2007

The death toll from two days of fighting in Palestine is now 37, according to MSNBC, and what Hamas and Fatah can agree on is that it is now a civil war.  One gun battle forced a dozen preschoolers to hide, another took place in a hospital.

18 Civilians Killed in Lebanon

22 May 2007

17 Palestinian refugees and one Lebanese civilian were killed in three days of fighting between the army and Fatah Al-Islam forces in northern Lebanon, according to Yahoo. Thirty Lebanese soldiers and 17 militants were also killed, making it the deadliest stretch of internal violence since the civil war from 1975 to 1990.

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Four Employees Killed

16 April 2007

Four Afghan employees were killed in a suicide bomb attack, according to Yahoo. They worked for a US-owned security firm.

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UN Says Israel Violated International Law

15 April 2007

The U.N. envoy for children says that Israel’s actions last summer violated international law, according to USAToday. She said that this would be discussed on her trip to the Middle East, and that she would also press for locations of cluster bombs dropped in southern Lebanon toward the end of the war.

1200 Lebanese were killed during the war. Another 29 were killed and 215 injured afterwards by unexploded cluster bombs. The bombing of infrastructure is costing 2.8 billion USD in repairs.

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Surge Just Helpful in Baghdad

14 April 2007

Though civilian casualties are down in Baghdad, according to Yahoo, they are up everywhere else in Iraq. The numbers are from an AP tally since February 14th.

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Alan Johnston Petition

13 April 2007

The BBC has an online petition for Alan Johnston’s release here, which currently has nearly 30,000 signatures.

He has been missing for a month and a day now.

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Attacks in Algeria Killed 33

12 April 2007

The death toll of a suicide bombing in Algeria has risen to 33, according to Reuters, and 57 of the 222 wounded are still in the hospital.

The attacks were claimed by a branch of al-Qaeda, and took place on the 11th, a day of the month that has become a hallmark of al-Qaeda.

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Attacks Near Darfur Leave 400 Dead

11 April 2007

Janjaweed militiamen killed an estimated 400 people in Chad March 31st, according to The State, near the border with Sudan. Initially the government said 65, but that number went to 200 and then to 400 according to the UN. Because most people were buried where they were found, it is unlikely the exact number will ever be known.

The attackers surrounded the villages and opened fire, then pursued people as they fled. Many others died of exhaustion or dehydration when trying to escape.

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1,000 Dead in Mogadishu Battles

10 April 2007

It is estimated that 1,000 people have been killed in battles in the Ethiopian capital, according to BBC News, and 4,000 injured. Also, the UN says 124,000 people have left the city.

Eritrea says that Islamist leader Sheikh Sharif Ahmed has held talks with President Isaias Afewerki in Asmara, though having previously denied connection to the Islamists. Eritrea is described by BBC as “Ethiopia’s regional rival.”

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Three Killed in Pakistan

9 April 2007

Three tribesmen were killed in South Waziristan, according to, by militants going to the border with Afghanistan. NATO forces say that if they try to enter Afghanistan they would engage them.

Locals say they are probably headed toward the Baghar area, where the tribal lashkar supported by Pakistani forces will try to push them across the border.

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