There Needs to be Some Peace

While bureaucrats from around the globe gather in Rome to discuss the differences between the kinds of peace, the killing continues in Lebanon. At least 445 have been killed in Lebanon, mostly civilians, and the Beirut government says it is around 600. 51 Israelis, including 18 civilians, have been killed.

The United States has refused to call for a ceasefire, or to allow the UN Security Council to do so. “My goal is exactly what I said it was, and that is to hopefully end this as quickly as possible and at the same time making sure there is a lasting peace, not a fake peace,” Bush said. Thus, Lebanese must continue to die, so that there can be a better kind of peace.

It remains unclear what exactly a fake peace is. Maybe it’s where we are now in Iraq, with our “Mission Accomplished” but no end to the fighting. If there was a ceasefire though, and Israel, say, ceased their fire, the victims probably wouldn’t mind the different terminology.

France, meanwhile, said that it was disappointed that a ceasefire had not been called for. With their typical French boldness, they have urged Security Council foreign ministers to meet to work on a ceasefire resolution next week.

On average, at least 27 Lebanese have been killed each day, so by Monday next week, the minimum killed will pass the 500 mark. The killing has thus far resulted in “lasting death,” and any kind of peace would be preferable.

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