Laser-Guided Bombs Don’t Create Peace

Amid accusations of Israel using inaccurate weapons that resulted in killing civilians, our president has once again determined the solution: Ship laser-guided bombs to Israel.

Information about the shipments were in a BBC article that focused mainly on the fact that the planes refueled at a UK airport and may have broken rules regarding shipment procedures for hazardous materials. Air traffic controllers were reportedly “uncomfortable.” And why shouldn’t they be? Bombs are dangerous, and people don’t like to be around them. They kill people, and they’re very good at it.

How, though, are these laser-guided bombs going to create the “lasting Peace” that George Bush is so fond of talking about? Israel has shown little regard for civilians, and most of the Lebanese deaths have been innocent people.

Bush was kind enough to apologize to Tony Blair for violating the airplane rules. His administration has yet to apologize to the future victims of the bombs.

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