Who Did that Attack Save?

A recent Israeli attack on the town of Qana killed 54 civilians, at least 34 of which were children. Israel stated that, although Israel carried out the strike, a Shi’ite militant group was actually responsible because they launched rockets from the town. Israel also said that, although they regretted the incident, the people had been advised to leave the area and that Israel would continue its attacks in Lebanon. Israel failed to note that many people in the town were not able to leave, due to lack of transportation, etc.

The attacks by Israel began when two soldiers were taken hostage by militants, and has been fueled by missile attacks on Israel. 51 Israelis, 18 of which were civilians, have been killed in the conflict. The civilian deaths from the attack on Qana alone outweighs all Israeli deaths, including soldiers. Israel isn’t helping anyone but themselves, and they’re killing hundreds of innocent civilians. Israel, the United Kingdom, an the United States continue to oppose a ceasefire.

Israel has also continued to attack the Gaza Strip, although those raids have been less covered due to a media focus on Lebanon. Attacks in the Gaza Strip have killed about 100 Palestinians, including many civilians.

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