48-Hour Ceasefire Broken Quickly

Though George Bush seems extremely concerned with creating a “lasting” peace, as opposed to a “fake peace,” he seemed relatively unconcerned with Israel breaking the ceasefire, which was supposed to last 48 hours, after only a few hours. According to the BBC, over 50 Israelis have died in the conflict, and over 750 Lebanese have lost their lives, although are underway.

The Israeli Defence Minister said that “if an immediate ceasefire is declared, the extremists will rear their heads anew.” Head-rearing, whatever, that may be, should certainly be avoided. More important is the avoidance of civilian casualties. The attack on Qana Sunday, however, shows an Israeli focus on the prevention of head-rearing, whatever the cost in civilian lives may be.

According to the BBC, Israelis view the conflict in Lebanon as a fight for national survival, and don’t understand why the world is more sympathetic about the deaths of 51 Israelis, 18 of which were civilians. Maybe because their deaths are overshadowed by the deaths of 750 Lebanese, most of which were civilians. The deaths of civilians is, in all circumstances, a terrible thing. But the deaths of Israeli civilians have been much less frequent than the deaths of Lebanese. The Lebanese people have been drawn into this conflict through no fault of their own, and it is time that a ceasefire be implemented, and kept by Israel.

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