Peace Deal Hasn’t Brought Peace

A peace deal that was meant to bring peace has done little if noting to help civilians in Darfur. The deal was signed by only one of the three rebel groups, the Minni Arcua Minnawi. Tens of thousands of Darfuris protested that the agreement did not meet their demands. Now, according to an article by Reuters, members of the signing groups have killed 72, injured 103, and raped 39 people to try to force their support for the deal. The group has been accused before of imprisoning and torturing people opposed to it.

When two Israeli soldiers are kidnapped by Hezbollah, the West does not hesitate to drop cluster bombs and use white phosphorus to release them. If a single American is captured in Iraq, the West rushes to their rescue. But African civilians are on their own. According to NationMaster, there are over 150,000 troops in Iraq, but Darfur has only 7,000 troops.

If you want a massive, international force to invade your country and torture your people, all you need is oil in an era of SUV’s. If you want a force big enough to prevent the murder and rape of civilians in Africa, it’s not happening.

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