Israeli Troops to the Place that Needs Them Least

6,000 Israeli troops have been sent to Lebanon, where at least 617 Lebanese have died from Israeli attacks, according to an article by The Independent. A minimum of 460 civilians have been killed in the battles and air raids that have been conducted in the name of Israeli security.

In Darfur, protected by an African Union force of 7,000, new accusations have risen against the rebel group that signed a peace deal recently. The two other rebel factions did not agree to the deal, and many civilians protested it saying it did not meet their demands. The signing group, the Minni Arcua Minnawi, have been accused before of kidnapping and torturing civilians to try to make them agree to the deal. Now they have killed 72, injured 103, and raped 39 to try to force agreement by the civilian population. Human rights groups have said that the AU force has done little or nothing to stop the attacks on the civilian population.

An additional 6,000 troops might be able to prevent these atrocities, especially a well-equipped Israeli force. Their commitment to security is admirable, their dedication to saving lives remarkable. And Lebanon has no need for them, but Darfur does. If Ehud Olmert truly believes in preventing civilian deaths, and if George Bush truly believes in ending the genocide in Darfur, they would move their troops south from the nations they have invaded.

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