Israel Strikes in Gaza

While the world watches the attacks in Lebanon, or avoids watching them, there is little coverage of the attacks in Gaza conducted by the Israeli military. According to an article by the BBC, at least four Palestinians were killed in a pair of missile strikes in the Gaza Strip. The first missile hit a house and killed a teenage boy and his younger sister, while seriously injuring their mother. Later, a second missile killed two men, who Israel claims were Islamic militants. About 12 Palestinians have been killed in the past three days.

Since the capture of Israeli Corporal Gilad Shalit, about 150 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli strikes, many of them civilians. According to the United Nations, at least 35 of those killed in the past month have been children.

If a Mexican missile hit Chicago and killed two teenagers, the Marines would overrun Mexico City in a day. No Western nation would have anything to do with Mexico for years. It would not, in short, be accepted.

The US military holds an unknown number of people, many from Afghanistan, in Cuba, without charges or trial. But if Afghans sent missiles into Boston, the West would rise up and reinvade Afghanistan. It would not be accepted no matter how many missiles we sent into Afghanistan ourselves or how many people we took from the nation and from their families.

Likewise, there is no reason the Israeli strikes have to be accepted. The Israeli government has no right to kill as it pleases.

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