UN Talking, Lebanese Dying

While the UN Ambassadors from a number of western nations struggle with their task of writing a ceasefire resolution, Lebanese struggle to survive the missile strikes and food shortages. John Bolton, the US ambassador who was appointed by George Bush without a congressional vote, said that they had “certainly not reached agreement,” but that they did some “creative thinking.”

One of the main problems is a disagreement regarding whether the peacekeeping force will enter Lebanon before or after the ceasefire. France, who will lead the force and send most of the troops, would prefer that the ceasefire came first while the US, which will be sending no troops, wants the force to enter before the ceasefire is enacted, to ensure a “durable ceasefire,” according to an article by the BBC.

Also, Israel insists that it must be allowed to keep its troops in Lebanon until the multinational force is in place, while others disagree. What is agreed upon is that it is best to take as long as possible doing anything.

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