No One Seems Ashamed

A recent article by The Independent has an updated count of casualties and wounded in Lebanon. 932 have been killed in Lebanon, and an additional 75 are missing, assumed dead. 3,293 Lebanese have been wounded, 45% of whom are children. The article goes on with the numbers of displaced, Israeli dead and wounded, and more information. It is titled “Toll of a war that shames the world.”

Unfortunately, those who are conducting the war seem unashamed, as do their supporters. Israel has continued to insist that they have a right to do as they please in Lebanon, and the United States has stood by Israel in this idea. The United Nations has failed to pass a ceasefire resolution. And no one seems ashamed by any of this.

The slaughter of innocent people is seen as a necessary part of war, and few militaries make any effort to avoid it. No one is ashamed of killing civilians.

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