Chavez Challenging Israel

Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, announced that it is likely he will end ties to Israel in protest of Israel’s actions in Lebanon, according to an article by the BBC. He stated that he had “no interest in maintaining diplomatic relations, or offices, or businesses, or anything with a state like Israel” in televised speech, and accused Israel of committing a “new Holocaust.”

This may sound crazy at first, but he explained that Israel was doing exactly what it labeled the Holocaust when done by other people against them: killing of innocent people.

Obviously, many more people were killed in the Holocaust than in Lebanon by Israel, and millions of those killed by Nazi Germany were Jewish. But killing is wrong in any number, especially the killing of innocent people like the hundreds killed in Lebanon already.

Mr Chavez’s statements are a challenge to Israel by a nation that is not Western, is not Arab, is not anything biased. Though Israel has the approval and support by those like the US government, Chavez shows that Israel is without the support of the international community.

Israel has referred to Mr Chavez’s statements as “wild slurs against the state of Israel.”

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