Palestinians Face Death, Disease, Attacks

The attacks faced by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are growing rapidly, according to an article in the Globe and Mail. Hamas has fired 338 Qassam rockets, but they are homemade and mostly destroy property, killing eight people. The Israeli missiles, however, are very efficient, and have killed nearly 200 people, including over 40 children.

Israel assures us this is all perfectly acceptable, because Hamas wants to destroy Israel. It seems the other way around, though, as Israel is in the process of destroying Palestine, and even more so destroying Lebanon, destroying countless roads and bridges, breaking down the infrastructure and demolishing the airport.

The United Nations is helping 820,000 official refugees, and many more need help despite not meeting the definition.

Over 1,000 have been wounded in Israeli strikes, and doctors have had trouble helping them due to the lack of supplies and electricity: operating rooms are cooled by fans, not air conditioning, anesthetics are rationed, and only basic drugs are available because it is so difficult to get such things to where it is needed.

Israel has refused to stop the bombardment until their captured soldier, Corporal Gilad Shalit, is returned. Absolutely, the kidnapping of Mr Shalit was wrong, but the murder of so many is millions of times more wrong. What Israel is doing in Palestine and Lebanon is not acceptable, and it is time the world stops pretending it is.

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