Israeli Respect for Ceasefire Minimal

Though the ceasefire has now taken place, preventing Hezbollah from taking any military action and Israel from any “offensive military action,” Israel has done just that. Though the resolution is certainly progress and makes one hopeful, Israel makes one less hopeful.

Israeli troops shot and killed someone whom they said to be a Hezbollah fighter, after the ceasefire took effect. Israel’s government says that’s acceptable under the ceasefire terms, because the soldiers felt that they were “under threat,” according to an article by the BBC.

I recently moved into a new apartment, and the Republican, neocon tenant realized I disagreed with his views. He happens to be a gun owner, and frequently makes threats against liberals. Unsurprisingly, this makes me feel somewhat “under threat.” I have not, however, purchased my own gun and eliminated the threat. It, in addition to being illegal, would be wrong.

Israel has different views on this. It’s respect for the ceasefire has been minimal. Israeli attacks continued until fifteen minutes before the ceasefire took effect at 500 GMT, and it has maintained its “ban” on roads south of the Litani river, saying that anyone traveling on these roads might be attacked by Israeli forces. Israel has also continued its blockade of Lebanon by sea and air, making it difficult to transport aid to the countess wounded and hungry people in the area. Attacks overnight killed at least seven people.

1,000 Lebanese, mostly civilians, have been killed by Israeli attacks. 43 Israeli civilians have been killed as well in the conflict.

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