Sri Lanka Raid Kills Children

Though the government denies it, UN officials say that a number of children were killed in a raid Monday in Sri Lanka, according to an article by the BBC. Rebel groups say the raid hit an orphanage, killing 61 children there. According to Unicef, about 100 children are being treated. The government says that the target was a rebel base, and those killed were child soldiers. Most of those being treated are girls aged 16 to 19.

The slaughter of children is one of the few aspects of war that is worse than the death of adult civilians, because children have more to lose.

How is it that the Boston Masacre, in which the British killed five civilian colonists shortly before the “American Revolution,” makes every history textbook used in the United States, but the killing of 61 children doesn’t make the CNN homepage? If five deaths is a massacre, what are 61 deaths?

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