Civilian Casualties Reach 110 a Day in Iraq

July 2006 was the deadliest month so far for Iraqi civilians, when an average of 110 died violent deaths each day, according to an article in the IHT.  At least 3,438 died over the course of the month.

The solution, according to the military, is to seal off neighborhoods with walls and wire, creating what the IHT calls “miniature police states.”  Some of those neighborhoods are occupied “block by block” by US and Iraqi troops.  Why does the liberation of Iraq require such a restriction of freedom?

The level of control that the US military has taken is astounding.  The “mission” is already “accomplished,” right? Many Iraqis say that the situation was better under Saddam, and very few see American forces as “liberators,” probbly because the last thing American forces are trying to do is liberate anyone.

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