Death Toll in Lebanon 1,300

The death toll in the Israeli war in Lebanon was nearly 1,300, mostly civilians, according to an article by Robert Fisk, of The Independent. On child was killed with her mother just minutes before the ceasefire took effect. If the US and the Uk had been quicker to call for a ceasefire, or if Israel had been less insistent about its right to invade, or if “Amassador” Bolton had done less “creative thinking” and more practical thinking, that child would still be alive. But she’s not.

If Europe and the US had demanded an immediate ceasefire weeks ago, or stopped focusing on “lasting peaces” for a few moments, hundreds of lives would not have been lost. If they had demanded that Israel not invade in the first place, and backed up their demands with their own military force, 1,300 lives would have been saved.


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