Children Held and Abused Without Charges

A number of children who have not actually been charged with a crime are being held in juvenile detention centers in Iraq, according to an article by the Washington Times. Some of them are there because no one has picked them up to take them home. Although there have been reports of “physical and other abuse,” the coalition says the issue is considered “not our urgent business.”

So the US military got sick of torturing adults, and has now started abusing children? That’s not spreading the freedom, liberty, justice, or happiness that Bush talks about so much.

According to a State Department official, these children were “rounded up for no particular reason, who have not been charged but have been put into detention,” as have many adults.

The US can be captivated when the man who murdered a girl a decade ago is captured, but the torture of unknown numbers of children RIGHT NOW is of no interest? Children who did NOTHING wrong? One child from a decade ago is headline news but you can’t find anything about this on CNN?

If these were American children, it would get more attention than Hurricane Katrina.

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