Palestinian Civilian Killed

Four Palestinian civilians trying to find work elsewhere in the West Bank were shot at at a checkpoint, according to an article by Haaretz. One was killed, the others wounded. Palestinains under the age of 35 are usually not allowed to pass through IDF checkpoints in the West Bank, the idea apparently being that no one over that age could be a suicide bomber and everyone under it is trying to kill people, and the four were all in their twenties. The man who was killed was 22.

Israel has controlled Palestine’s economy, but made no efort to help it, and it is therefore doing badly. Israel withheld taxes from Hamas, resulting in many workers not being paid. Finding jobs is hard enough without restrictins on where you can go while you’re within a certain age group.

The Israeli troops who killed the man claim that they only fired into the air, but unless the victim was flying it is unlikely that he could be killed by shots fired into the air.

It should be noted that the checkpoints are not between Palestine and Israel, they are scattered throughout the West Bank and control the movement of people in between Palestinian towns. They’re not a defense for Israel. The four men were trying to find a job, and they couldn’t do it in their own town, so they tried to go to another.

One of the surviving three was “moderately wounded,” the other two were “lightly hurt,” according to Haaretz.

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