Bush Uses Facts, Kind of

In discussing his foreign policy recently, Bush admitted its lack of popularity, both in the US and in the eyes of the world, according to MSNBC. He declared though that he didn’t have to try to be popular, a statement which apparently extends to mean that he didn’t have to have popular policies. Pretty ironic coming from a president who was only popularly elected half of the time.

He went on to say that terrorism came to America’s “shores,” so it was right to take the fight to them and bring foreign terrorists to Iraq (like al-Zarqawi, who ran “Al-Qaeda in Iraq” event though he was Jordanian), so that they can kill innocent Iraqi civilians instead of Americans. IN regards to shores, he went on to say that there were “failures” in the federal response system when Katrina hit.

He also said that, although the decisions to withdraw US support from the International Criminal Court and not sign the Kyoto Treaty were unpopular, “you’ve got to make decisions based upon what you think is right — that you can’t try to be popular.” Apparently signing the Kyoto Treaty would be the wrong thing to do. He said that “this is a country that is doing a lot of good,” mentioning that “when the tsunamis hit, it was the United States of America who took the lead.” Although in terms of dollars, the US gave the most, per capita the US ranks 19th and per dollars in GDP the US ranks 20th. Per person, the US gave only a little over 11% what Norway gave. And despite his failure to agree to the Kyoto Treaty, Bush maintains that one of his two main issues is reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

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2 Responses to “Bush Uses Facts, Kind of”

  1. Jack Says:

    Interesting blog, AKGB. Looking forward to checking back in. Noticed that you post all sides (most just post situations when the West is guilty of civilian death and tend to neglect articles such as your one about the Muslim) Fair and balanced.

    Picked up your thread from Dougs Darkworld. Look forward to checking back in.


  2. Agent KGB Says:

    Thanks. I can’t say that I agree entirely with your blog, but it brings up some interesting points.

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