Israeli Offensive Kills Nine

Israeli soldiers killed nine Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, according to The New York Times. Although the NYT article did not say anything about the other eight, one of those killed was a teenage boy.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on Hamas to cease the firing of rockets into Israel. “What is happening in Gaza as a result of rockets fired in vain must stop right now because there is no interest in this continuing,” apparently asking both sides to cease the killing and noting that both the attacks by Israel and the rockets fired by Hamas are causing needless deaths. His point is overwhelmingly valid: Israel has far more military force than Hamas, and it is not realistic to think that firing rockets into the region will cause Israelis to leave, and also because Hamas will not be stopped by killing Palestinians, because Hamas is a guerrilla force and cannot truly be destroyed, the way a traditional military could be defeated.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely either side will listen to him.

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