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Permission to Fire at Stone-Throwers

28 September 2006

Israeli forces in Lebanon have been given permission to fire on stone-throwers, according to the Jerusalem Post. First they can fire above their heads, then at the legs, then to kill if they feel threatened. This obviously raises a number of questions, one of which is why they can fire before they feel threatened. If they can’t shoot to kill before they feel threatened, but can fire at their legs before feeling threatened, why do they need to fire if they don’t feel threatened?

More importantly though, this raises questions about what a civilian is. Someone throwing stones isn’t likely to kill or even seriously injure someone, but are they still a civilian?

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Fourteen-Year-Old Girl Killed

27 September 2006

An Israeli airstrike killed a fourteen-year-old girl in Palestine, according to Yahoo News. Israeli forces targeted a house weapons were believed to be in, and called the resident, apparently a militant, and told him to leave fifteen minutes before they struck. No one was hurt in the first strike, but people gathered around the and a second strike killed the girl.

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“Sectarian Violences Continues in Iraq”

26 September 2006

That was actually Yahoo’s exact headline. According to Yahoo News, sectarian violence has unsurprisingly failed to suddenly end in Iraq. Gunmen attacked two Sunni mosques and several homes in a “mixed” neighborhood, resulting in three deaths. Baghdad police also found the bodies of 23 apparently killed by death squads. Explosions around the capital killed 21 people.

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Military Stops Muslims from Fleeing in Sri Lanka

25 September 2006

Hundreds of Sri Lankan Muslim civilians were prevented from leaving their homes in response to rebel leaflets warning them of an attacks, according to The International Herald Tribune.  “The security forces are giving protection to the civilians in Mutur,” a military spokesman said, adding that officials were “telling people not to leave, because security is provided by the security forces.”  Not only are they telling them not to though, they have stopped the ferry as well as prevented people from traveling by land away from the area.

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Muslims Forced to Leave Homes in Sri Lanka

24 September 2006

Muslims are leaving their homes in fear of an attack by the Tamil Tigers, according to The State. The Tamil Tigers, who are Hindu, claim they are discriminated against by Sri Lanka’s Buddhist majority, and fight for a separate homeland in the north. The Tigers also though fight the Muslims: in 1990 they killed 130 Muslims in one day.

The current conflict has killed about one hundred civilians since July.

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Sudan Government Accused of Killing Civilians

23 September 2006

UN Human Rights monitors have accused Sudan’s government of bombing civilians in northern Darfur, according to Yahoo News. Sudan has continued to refuse to allow 20,000 UN troops to replace the 7,000 poorly equipped African Union force in the region. An estimated 200,000 people have died in the Darfur conflict.

In North Darfur a soldier was convicted of raping an 11-year-old girl in North Darfur and was sentenced to five years in prison. Rapes by soldiers and militants have become a common feature of the Darfur conflict.

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Grenade Kills Boy in Kashmir

22 September 2006

A grenade intended to kill police missed its target and killed a boy in Kashmir, according to Yahoo News.  The grenade was likely thrown by Islamic militants.  Two other children were wounded.  The attack was soon after a militant group offered a conditional truce during Ramadan.

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Israelis Kill Five in Gaza

21 September 2006

Israeli troops killed five Palestinians in the Gaza Strip today, according to the Herald Sun. One was an armed man in Rafah, who was killed during a raid on a militant stronghold. Also killed in that raid though was a 35-year-old woman. In northern Gaza three teenagers were killed, whom Palestinains say were shephards. Israeli forces though say that they were working with a rocket launcher.

The United Nations, European Union, United States, and Russia, released a statement yesterday saying that any unity government should “reflect” demands to recognize Israel, renounce terrorism, and abide by peace deals. The irony is remarkable.

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Sale of Cluster Bombs to Israel May be Banned

20 September 2006

The sale of cluster bombs to Israel may be banned in the United States, according to the Independent, due to Israel’s use of them in their invasion of Lebanon. The roughly 1.2 million bomblets fired by Israel have a failure rate of up to 30%, leaving mines that result in civilians, especially children, being killed. The high failure rate likely is in part due to the age of the bombs, which apparently “expired” in 1974, though clearly they still explode eventually.

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Palestinian Children Killed

19 September 2006

Over 37 Palestinian children under the age of 18 have been killed in the Israeli operation launched in June, according to an article by the Independent, the latest of which was Jihad, a 14-year-old who was killed as he talked to his older cousin about what he wanted to do when he grew up. Though civilian casualties as individuals can never be given enough attention, or even as a group, the names of those 37 are as follows:

Bara Nasser Habib, 3 (hit by shrapnel to the head and body, Gaza City, 26 July)
Shahed Saleh Al-Sheikh Eid, 3 days old (bled to death after airstrike, Al-Shouka, 4 August)
Rajaa Salam Abu Shaban, 3 (died of fractured skull in air raid, Gaza City, 9 August)
Jihad Selmi Abu Snaima, 14 (killed by a shell, Al-Shoukha, 10 september)
Khaled Nidal Wahba, 15 months (died of wounds from an airstrike, 10 July)
Rawan Farid Hajjaj, 6 (killed with his mother and sister in an airstrike, Gaza City, 8 July)
Anwar Ismail Abdul Ghani Atallah, 12 (shot in the head, Erez, 5 July)
Shadi Yousef Omar 16 (shot in the chest by IDF, Beit Lahya, 7 July)
Mahfouth Farid Nuseir, 16 (killed by missile while playing football, Beit Hanoun, 11 July)
Ahmad Ghalib Abu Amsha, 16, (killed by missile while playing football, Beit Hanoun, 11 July)
Ahmad Fathi Shabat, 16 (killed by missile while playing football, Beit Hanoun, 11 July)
Walid Mahmoud El-Zeinati, 12 (died of shrapnel wounds, Gaza City, 11 July)
Basma Salmeya, 16 (killed in Israeli airstrike, 12 July, Jabalia)
Somaya Salmeya, 17 (killed in Israeli airstrike, 12 July, Jabalia)
Aya Salmeya, 9 (killed in Israeli airstrike, Jabalia, 12 July)
Yehya Salmeya, 10 (killed in Israeli airstrike, Jabalia, 12 July)
Nasr Salmeya, 7 (killed in Israeli airstrike, Jabalia, 12 July)
Huda Salmeya, 13 (killed in Israeli airstrike, Jabalia, 12 July)
Eman Salmeya, 12 (killed in Israeli airstrike, Jabalia, 12 July)
Raji Omar Jaber Daifallah, 16 (died of shrapnel wounds from missile, Gaza City, 13 July)
Ali Kamel Al-Najjar, 16 (killed by Israeli tank shell, Al-Maghazi refugee camp, 19 July)
Ahmed Ali Al-Na’ami, 16 (killed by Israeli tank shell, Al-Maghazi refugee camp, 19 July)
Ahmed Rawhi Abu Abdu, 14 (killed by drone missile, Al Nusairat refugee camp, 19 July)
Mohammed ‘awad Muhra, 14 (killed by Israeli bullet to the chest, Al-Maghazi refugee camp, 20 July)
Fadwa Faisal Al-‘arrouqi, 13 (died from shrapnel wounds, Gaza City, 20 July)
Saleh Ibrahim Nasser, 14 (killed by artillery fire, Beit Hanoun, 24 July)
Khitam Mohammed Rebhi Tayeh, 11 (killed by artillery fire, Beit Hanoun, 24 July)
Ashraf ‘abdullah ‘awad Abu Zaher, 14 (shot in the back, Khan Younis, 25 July)
Nahid Mohammed Fawzi Al-Shanbari, 16 (killed by artillery fire, Beit Hanoun, 31 July)
‘aaref Ahmed Abu Qaida, 14 (killed by artillery fire, Beit Hanoun, 1 August)
Anis Salem Abu Awad, 12 (killed by airstike, Al-Shouka, 2 August)
Ammar Rajaa Al-Natour, 17 (killed by drone missile, Al Shouka, 5 August)
Kifah Rajaa Al-Natour, 15 (killed by drone missile, Al Shouka, 5 August)
Ibrahim Suleiman Al-Rumailat, 13 (killed by drone missile, Al Shouka, 5 August)
Ahmed Yousef ‘abed ‘aashour, 13 (killed by missile fire, Beit Hanoun, 14 August)
Mohammed ‘abdullah Al-Ziq, 14 (killed by drone missile, Gaza City, 29 August)
Nidal ‘abdul ‘aziz Al-Dahdouh, 14 (killed by rifle fire, Gaza City, 30 August)
Jihad Selmi Abu Snaima, 14 (killed by artillery fire, Rafah, 10 September)

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