Marines Admit to Killing Iraqi

Two Marines have admitted that they abducted and killed a 52 year-old Iraqi in Hamandiya, according to the Los Angeles Times. They are two of eight US soldiers accused of killing Hashim Ibrahim Awad. It is alleged that they left a shovel and an AK-47 near his body, to make it seem as though he was an insurgent burying a roadside bomb, and filed a false report. This incident is one of two involving US troops killing civilians without reason, the other being the killing of 24 civilians at Haditha. There was a third incident at Ishaqi, in which 12 civilians were killed. Iraqi police said the killings were intentional, but the US troops said they were accidental and were released.

Regardless though, in all of these as well as countless others, civilians have been killed. One wonders how many similar incidents occurred without getting the attention these have had.

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