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Pakistan School Raid Kills 70

31 October 2006

A raid on a school in Pakistan recently killed 70 to 80 people, most of who were civilians according to many in the village, according to an article by the BBC. Officials say that those killed were militants.

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Missing Weapons in Iraq

30 October 2006

A number of weapons have gone missing in Iraq, according to the New York Times. Among these weapons are almost 100 MP-5 machine guns, 751 M1-F assault rifles, and about 13,000 semiautomatic pistols.

It remains unknown if any of the missing weapons have been used by insurgents.

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Palestinian Woman Dies

29 October 2006

A 50-year-old Palestinian woman died recently from her wounds a week after an Israeli strike wounded her and left seven dead.

Her death brings the number killed since September 2000 in the region to 5,458, though many of those were not civilians.

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Family Killed in Iraq

28 October 2006

A family of six was killed in Iraq recently, according to Yahoo News. Civilians in the region say they were killed by US airstrikes, but the US military blamed it on insurgents.

The family was killed when the nursery school they were staying in was hit.

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Blast Kills 14

27 October 2006

A bomb in a southern Afghanistan bus killed 14 civilians recently, according to MSNBC. The attack follows a possible killing of up to 85 civilians by NATO forces and after the Taliban threatened to increase suicide bombings.

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NATO Strike Killed up to 85

26 October 2006

A series of NATO strikes in Afghanistan recently may have killed up to 85 people, according to TimesOnline. Reports ranged from 60 civilian deaths to the 85 cited by Mr. Afghanmal, a member of the Kandahar provincial council.

“These kinds of things have happened several times, and they only say ’Sorry’. How can you compensate people who have lost their sons and daughters?” said Mr. Afghanmal.

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China Kills Refugee

24 October 2006

Chinese soldiers shot at a number of people attempting to cross into Nepal three weeks ago, according to The Australian. One teenage nun was killed. The location of 32 members of the group, including 14 children, remain unknown, though it has been reported that the Chinese found nine children.

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Landmines Continue to Kill

24 October 2006

Landmines continue to kill innocent civilians, according to the New York Times. A highway worker was killed when his cutting machine struck a bomb and the bomb exploded. Also, on Saturday 1,000 people were evacuated after a bomb was discovered, following the evacuation of 22,000 people last week.

“We’ll have enough work to keep us busy for the next 100 to 120 years,” said the owner of a small bomb-diffusion company.

The bombs were those dropped on Germany by the Allies in World War II.

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Israel Admits to Using Phosphorus

23 October 2006

Israel has admitted it used phosphorus bombs in Lebanon over the summer, according to USA Today. Until now, Israel maintained that it used phosphorus only to mark targets or territory, but it has now acknowledged that the IDF used the weapons against Hezbollah militants. Israel denies using it against anything but military targets.

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Nine Killed in Pakistan Bombing

22 October 2006

The death toll from a recent bomb explosion in Pakistan reached nine after two more people died in a hospital, according to Yahoo News. No one has claimed responsibility for the bombing, and police have not been able to determine who is responsible.

It is believed that the bombing was a terrorist act, against President Musharraf’s support for the United States.

About 40 people were wounded, many of them seriously.

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