Palestine Violence

Violence from all three sides continued in Palestine today.  Both a Fatah and a Hamas member was killed today, according to Haaretz.  Israeli forces also killed three, at least two of which were militants, according to The News. The fourth and fifth groups though, the civilians of Palestine and of Israel, who cannot and will not benefit from the fighting, they will only lose.

The United States continues to focus on its “roadmap for peace,” which has clearly not been successful.  Maybe they like the way it sounds, it seems as though US foreign policy even is for the common man, something the Republican economic plan might have trouble appealing to.  Maybe George Bush has trouble with anything more complex.  Maybe they can’t think of anything else, and maybe they don’t want to think of anything else, but the world needs something else, because the clearly Israel, Hamas, and Fatah, aren’t intent on peace.

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