Attack in Darfur Kills Up to 92

A recent series of attacks killed 63 to 92 people recently, according to Times Online, over 20 of them children. Villagers say that the attackers were in government uniforms, with government badges, and had new guns as well as satellite phones, which is similar to the description people in another village gave. Last Tuesday, militiamen with new weapons and Landcruisers blocked African Union investigators.

Many areas of Darfur are now inaccessible to aid groups who would provide food, clean water, and medicine. From Times Online:

Organisations that speak out against abuses, such as gang rape and intimidation, find their members arrested or permits to operate revoked. Laptop computers are confiscated and searched at the airport. In El Fasher, the capital of north Darfur, one official tried to seize papers belonging to The Sunday Times containing confidential interviews with civilians who had suffered at the hands of government forces.

About 200,000 people have already been killed in the conflict and two million displaced.

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