Just this morning I wrote a post about the violence continuing in the Middle East, but now, at least for a time, it will stop, according to BBC News. On Sunday at 0400 GMT (8:00 PM in Los Angeles or 11:00 PM in New York), a ceasefire will come into effect in the Gaza Strip.

Mahmoud Abbas says that he has agreement from all militant groups to halt their rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, and Ehud Olmert has also agreed to the ceasefire.

Whether or not this holds remains to be seen. However, if neither side breaks the peace, Shalit is returned, Palestinians prisoners are released, and a Palestinians state is created with part of Jerusalem, among other factors, it is believed to be possible that it could become permanent.

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3 Responses to “Peace?”

  1. Dmitri Marine Says:

    Hamas has been insistent on the return to pre-1967 borders. Mashaal has demanded that it happen within a 6-month period and if there is no real progress that a third intifada will be launched.

    After those statements, the peace was announced by Abbas.


  2. Agent KGB Says:

    Abbas seems to be far more hopeful than he should be, but at least a ceasefire’s something I guess. I just heard three rockets landed in Sderot but no one died and Olmert says Israel will show “patience and restraint.” He also says the ceasefire might be extended to the West Bank so that’s cool but… I don’t know I guess we’ll see.

  3. Dmitri Marine Says:

    We’ll see how this week goes.

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