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Numbers from 2006

31 December 2006

An unknown number of civilians killed (FAIR)
An unknown number of civilians wounded (FAIR)

An unknown number of civilians killed
An unknown number of civilians wounded
An unknown number of civilian displaced

An unknown number of civilians killed
An unknown number of civilians wounded

43 Israeli civilians killed (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
51 foreign civilians killed (Various sources, links on Wikipedia)
Somewhere over 1,000 Lebanese civilians killed (Arutz Sheva)

2 Israeli children killed (Remember These Children Memorial)
141 Palestinian children killed (BBC News)
332 Civilian Palestinians killed (BBC News)
23 Israelis killed (BBC News)
738 Palestinians held without trial or knowledge of charges as of November (BBC News)
22 Palestinians minors held without trial or knowledge of charges as of November (BBC News)

Hundreds killed (Reuters)
Hundreds of civilians wounded (Reuters)
Thousands of civilians displaced (Reuters)

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Battles in Somalia May Have Killed Hundreds

30 December 2006

The Red Cross says that hundreds of people may have been killed already in Somalia, according to the Herald Sun. Thousands have been forced to flee their homes, and over 800 people, many of them civilians, have been admitted to hospitals.

The ICRC said that it was preparing 12 tons of medical supplies to be flown to various places in Somalia, and is also increasing support for medical facilities in central and southern Somalia.

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Landmine Killed One in Kashmir

29 December 2006

A landmine explosion killed one civilian in Kashmir, according to BBC News, in Srinagar. The mine was aimed at paramilitary personnel.  The explosion was in part of Indian-administered Kashmir.

More than 60,000 people have been killed in Kashmir since 1989, though violence has decreased since Pakistan and India began working towards peace in 2004.

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Israel to Renew Attacks on Gaza

28 December 2006

Israel says that it will begin attacks on Gaza again, according to USA Today, in response to rocket attacks from Gaza.  Militants in the Gaza Strip have fired an estimated 60 rockets into Israel and injured two boys in Sderot, but killed no one.  One of those boys is in critical condition, according to Reuters.

Israel has killed fifteen Palestinians and says that about half were gunmen.  According to IMEMC, one of them was a child in a refugee camp.

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119 Killed, Found Dead in Iraq Tuesday

27 December 2006

At least 119 Iraqis were killed or found dead in Iraq Tuesday, according to It is unknown how many of them were civilians.

41 unidentified bodies were found in Baghdad alone, and three car bombs believed to have been coordinated killed 26 in the southwestern district. Another car bomb killed 20, and another bomb attack near a market killed five.

Roadside bombs also killed several, including a child.

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Ethiopia to Use “Any Appropriate Means”

26 December 2006

Ethiopia has said it has it is “going to use any appropriate means to destabilise the anti-Ethiopian forces in Somalia,” according to Yahoo. “Appropriate” is of course a clearly defined term so we can be sure that Ethiopia will not do anything “inappropriate.” The announcement came hours after Ethiopian warplanes bombed two airports held by Islamic forces.

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Remember These Children

25 December 2006

In 2006 so far 121 children have been killed in the Palestine-Israel conflict, according to the Remember These Children Memorial.

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What are They Fighting for?

25 December 2006

Hibba Msebeh, a 21-year-old student in Palestine, was killed in in the crossfire of a battle in Gaza recently, according to Times Online. She was coming home from a class at the university with one of her brothers, Sala’am, who is 17.

The night before her death, she had stayed up with her family condemning the battles between Palestinian factions in Gaza.

From the Times: “The family’s one remaining hope is that her death may not be in vain. Her senseless shooting has galvanised a population already bitter at the murderous infighting.”

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Ethiopia Admits to Having Troops in Somalia

24 December 2006

Ethiopia has admitted to having troops in Somalia, according to BBC News. Until now, Ethiopia had only admitted to having military trainers to help the government forces. Ethiopian troops have reportedly begun bombing the town of Beledweyne, which is on the border.

The Ethiopian Information Minister said that “The Ethiopian government has taken self-defensive measures and started counter-attacking the aggressive extremist forces of the Islamic Courts and foreign terrorist groups.” The UIC, which controls most of the south, has said that it will push Ethiopian troops out.

The UN has estimated that Ethiopia has at least 8,000 troops in Somalia, while Eritrea is believed to have 2,000 there fighting in support of the Islamic group, though the Eritrean government denies it.

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Israel-Palestine Summit

23 December 2006

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas are holding their first official meeting in Jerusalem, according to Yahoo News. An official said that the Israeli government will do several things in an attempt to show goodwill and strengthen moderate Palestinian factions, possibly including removing some roadblocks in the West Bank and reducing travel restrictions. Also, Olmert may also return some of the tax revenue Israel collects at border crossings, which has been witheld since Hamas came to power in March.

Since the November 26 ceasefire, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have fired over 45 rockets at Israel, though they have killed no one.

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