British Libs for Halving Arsenal

British liberals are supporting a plan to cut the UK’s nuclear arsenal in half, according to BBC News, saying that 100 warheads was enough for security. Doing this would show that “nuclear disarmament is back on the international agenda,” according to Menzies Campbell. He said that it would be “unwise at this time for Britain to abandon its nuclear weapons altogether,” though, due to the threats of Iran and North Korea.

If done, this would certainly be a step forward and put the issue closer to the forefront.

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2 Responses to “British Libs for Halving Arsenal”

  1. oldowl Says:

    Strictly spoken, there are only two possibilities: either nuclear weapons will spread all over the world, with the danger that this means for humanity and earth, or those states who already own them abolish them.

  2. Agent KGB Says:

    As far as I can think of yeah, unless of course someone starts using them first and then no one will ever have them again. Once an idea is “out there” though, it’s hard if not impossible to destroy it, so I don’t think complete abolishment is really possible, unfortunately.

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