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Battles Between Factions Leave Nine Civilians Dead

31 January 2007

At least nine civilians, among them three children, have been killed in battles between Hamas and Fatah, according to Reuters.  Though they say they hope that a Tuesday truce will help end the fighting, many Gaza residents have been trapped in their homes.  One refugee camp now houses 100,000 people.

The UN says that it is continuing to deliver aid.

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Over 1,000 Afghan Civilians Killed in 2006

30 January 2007

Human Rights Watch released a report saying that over 1,000 civilians were killed in Afghanistan last year, according to BBC News. HRW says that most were killed by the Taliban or other anti-government groups. Also, 80,000 people have been displaced in southern Afghanistan. Though the government said a year ago that it would improve security and human rights, “Kabul and its international backers have made little progress in providing basic needs like security, food, electricity, water and health care,” according to Sam Zarifi, HRW’s Asia Research Director.

Earlier in this month, NATO says that it’s biggest mistake was killing innocent civilians.

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Suicide Bomb Kills Three in Israel

29 January 2007

In the first such attack in nine months, a Palestinian suicide bomber killed three in Eliat, Israel, according to Yahoo. The bombing came during a slow restarting of the peace process. Islamic Jihad and the Al-Asqa Martyrs Brigade jointly claimed responsibility for the attack.

A top aide to Abbas said that “We reject these acts and we do not believe that they are in the interest of the Palestinian cause and that they blacken the image of the Palestinian people.”

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Aid Workers Attacked, Rapes Continue

28 January 2007

Aid workers were attacked in Sudan recently, one of them raped, according to the Telegraph. They were attacked by a group of police officers at an aid agency compound. The UN says that if the attacks on aid workers do not cease, they will be forced to withdraw from Darfur.

A French aid worker was also raped in December, in the same month as a doctor who was gang-raped for protesting the rape of over 40 children.

Bush is apparently taking a now six-year break from “his watch.”

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Violence Kills 12 in Palestine, Two-Year-Old

27 January 2007

Twelve people were killed in Palestine fighting between Hamas and Fatah in the last day, according to YNetNews, among them a two-year-old boy. Also, 30 people have been wounded and 24 kidnapped. Though there were talks Friday in which both sides agreed to release captives and stop sending gunmen through the streets, battles continued.

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59 Killed in Guinea Protests

26 January 2007

At least 59 people were killed in protests in Guinea recently, according to the Washington Post, which is nearly twice the previously reported death toll. It is thought that most of the dead were protesters and people caught in the crossfire of the battles between security forces and the protesters. No deaths among the security forces were reported. 233 people were also wounded, according to the Health Ministry. The security forces opened fire on protesters throwing rocks.

The protest came after a strike that began on January 10th, which has forced many businesses and ports to close. The protesters want President Lansana Conté to give up power to a new government. Conté’s government has been accused of corruption, leaving many without electricity, jobs, or water.

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More Troops in Afghanistan

25 January 2007

Bush’s possible “surge” in Iraq will be complemented by additional troops in Afghanistan, according to CBS News, though it remains unclear how many additional troops will be sent, or, in some cases, remain there after their tour of duty is extended. The Taliban has been gaining strength in Afghanistan recently, and there is concern that it and al-Qaeda are operating and recruiting in Pakistan.

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Give What a Chance?

24 January 2007

President Bush asked during his State of the Union for people to give his Iraq strategy a chance, according to BBC News. Or rather, he told the Senate and the House that “Our country is pursuing a new strategy in Iraq, and I ask you to give it a chance to work.” Firstly, trial and error is not a way to “free Iraq.” Secondly though, we’re already there, what choice do we have but to give something a chance to work? No, but it doesn’t have to involve sending over 20,000 more soldiers there. Unfortunately, giving peace a chance in 2003 was apparently not an option.

Today though, BBC News says that a senate committee has rejected Bush’s plan, though the resolution is non-binding and will go to the full senate next week.

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Suicide Bomb Kills Ten Workers in Afghanistan

23 January 2007

A suicide bomber struck Tuesday outside a US military base, according to the Washington Post, killing ten workers and injuring 14 others. Officials say that it was the deadliest attack in four months.

The workers were lined up outside Camp Salerno, located in the city of Khost.

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Bombs Kill Six in Columbia

22 January 2007

Bombs killed four civilians and two police officers in Buenaventura city, Columbia, according to the Herald Sun. At least 18 other people were wounded.

The bombs were set by FARC (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia), a large left-wing rebel organization.

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