Soldier Gets 18 Years for Murder

After pleading guilty to murdering three prisoners, Specialist William Hunsaker will get 18 years, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. In my opinion, that’s not near enough.

In testimony during his court-martial, Hunsaker said that he took “careful aim” at the prisoners and attempted to make the killings as “professional” as possible. He said that he shot two prisoners in the chest and the head. It was not a life-or-death situation, he wasn’t saving any lives by killing these people, there wasn’t even a chance he would save any lives. If he had done that to three Americans in the United States, he would face life in prison, or the death penalty depending on what state he was in.

According to Spero News, Hunsaker said that his sergeant told him to “untie the three prisoners, let them run away, take accurate aim and shoot,” and that “I went out and did as I was told.” Apparently there was no possible way he could do anything else but shoot three unarmed prisoners, since someone had said to.

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