Aid Workers Attacked, Rapes Continue

Aid workers were attacked in Sudan recently, one of them raped, according to the Telegraph. They were attacked by a group of police officers at an aid agency compound. The UN says that if the attacks on aid workers do not cease, they will be forced to withdraw from Darfur.

A French aid worker was also raped in December, in the same month as a doctor who was gang-raped for protesting the rape of over 40 children.

Bush is apparently taking a now six-year break from “his watch.”

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2 Responses to “Aid Workers Attacked, Rapes Continue”

  1. amoebageek Says:

    Please excuse my lack of general knowledge…It sounds dumb again…But what are “Aid Workers”? Nurses or something?

  2. Agent KGB Says:

    They bring in food and water and equipment, and also sometimes provide medical attention, things like that.

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