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Car Bomb Kills 10

28 February 2007

A car bomb in Baghdad killed 10 people and wounded seven, according to BBC News. The bombing was in the commercial district of Bayaa.

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Darfur Suspects not Facing ICC

27 February 2007

Sudan says that it will not turn over two suspects in the Darfur Genocide to the International Criminal Court, according to BBC News, and they will not be prosecuted in Sudan either. The ICC said that Humanitarian Affairs Minister Ahmed Haroun and Janjaweed militia leader Ali Muhammad Ali Abd al-Rahman are suspected of 51 counts of war crimes.

Sudan did not sign the convention in which the ICC was established, and says that it has no jurisdiction.  It also says that its own courts are not capable or prosecuting them.

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41 Killed After Suicide Bomber Strikes College

26 February 2007

At least 41 people were killed in a suicide bomb attack at a mainly Shi’ite business college annex to Mustansiriyah University, according to USA Today. It is reported that a woman carried out the attack, though not confirmed, and the Interior Ministry says that it is investigating. This would be unusual but not unheard of.

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Three Iraqi Children Caught in Crossfire

25 February 2007

Two Iraqi boys were killed and one wounded after being caught in a battle in Southern Baghdad between American troops and insurgents, according to the Herald Sun. An embedded Reuters photographer found one already dead and two wounded in a ditch. One of the wounded later died.

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46 Make Cluster Bomb Pledge

24 February 2007

46 countries pledged recently to work towards a ban on cluster bombs, according to the Herald Sun. The declaration said that a future ban should “prohibit the use, production, transfer and stockpiling of cluster munitions that cause unacceptable harm to civilians,” and it is hoped that the future ban will come as soon as 2008.

The United States, Russia, and China, all major manufacturers of cluster bombs, did not back the declaration. Perhaps “unacceptable harm” is not vague and flexible enough for them.

Handicap International says that 11,000 civilians have been killed or injured by cluster bombs in the past three decades.

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100 Years, but Maybe Just 10, for Rape and Murder

23 February 2007

A US soldier has been sentenced to 100 years in prison for his role in the rape of an Iraqi girl and murder of her family, according to Yahoo, but may be out on parole in as little as ten years. He had been given a life sentence, but due to a plea bargain it was decided he could only be sentenced to 100 years. Under military law, this could allow parole in ten years.

Sergeant Paul Cortez was among the five soldiers who were involved in the rape of 14-year-old Abeer Kassem Hamza al-Janabi. One of the others, Specialist James Barker, was sentenced to 90 years in prison, and the third, Steve Green, is awaiting trial. Cortez said that Green killed the girl’s parents and 6-year-old sister, then raped the girl and killed her as well. They then set the house on fire.

The other two are awaiting courts-martial.

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Civilians Reported Killed and Injured in Battles

22 February 2007

Officials say that civilians were killed in battles between US troops and insurgents in Ramadi, according to Yahoo, including children. “Precision guided munitions” were dropped on a number of buildings that the military says were being used by insurgents, and a Marine spokesman says that no civilians were killed.

Dr. Hafidh Ibrahim of the Ramadi hospital, however, says that 26 civilians were killed when houses were damaged.

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15 Civilians Dead in Somalia

21 February 2007

Government and Ethiopian forces’ battles with insurgents yesterday have left 15 civilians dead in Mogadishu, according to the AP. Among the dead were a pregnant woman and a 4-year-old boy. A 12-year-old girl among the 45 injured had to have both her legs amputated.

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Iran Attack Plans

20 February 2007

The BBC reports that US plans to attack Iran would, if carried out, strike more than just Iranian nuclear sites, and involve attacks on much of the military infrastructure, such as air bases, naval bases, and missile facilities.

A BBC correspondent says that confirmation or Iranian nuclear development or deaths in Iraq caused by actions of the Iranian government could trigger the attack by the US. Though the US military has blamed Iran for sending weapons to Iraq, it has only been confirmed that some weapons were made in Iran, though not necessarily with government involvement.

According to CBS News, Ahmadinejad says that he will stop nuclear enrichment if Western nations do the same, which is unlikely to happen.

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Blast Kills 67 on India-Pakistan Train

19 February 2007

67 people aboard a train from India to Pakistan were killed in an explosion, according to Yahoo, near the Deewana station (about 100 kilometers north of New Delhi). The train is known as the “Samjhauta (Friendship) Express,” and authorities say the blast was intended to slow the peace process.

It is reported that some of the train coaches were locked, preventing many people from escaping the burning train.

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