Sri Lankan Government Accused of Killing 39

The Tamil Tigers have accused the Sri Lankan army of killing 39 civilians and abducting 39 others over the past two weeks, according to the Herald Sun.  The accusation followed the government bombing of targets in the Jaffna peninsula, and the Tigers say that 18 of the 39 killed were in the town of Jaffna.

The conflict in Sri Lanka, which is now in its 35th year, has resulted in 60,000 deaths.

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One Response to “Sri Lankan Government Accused of Killing 39”

  1. menan Says:

    Srilankan troops killnng Tamils is not the first time. They killed more than 60 000 Tamil in the name of defence!!. The sad side is istill all the so called civilised countries support Srilankan government’s killing.

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