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Five Killed in Kashmir Attacks

31 March 2007

Five people were killed and four wounded in Indian Kashmir by Islamic militants, according to Yahoo. The attacks took place Thursday, in the Mathiyani Gala village, in the border district of Rajouri.

The 17-year insurgency has left 42,147 people dead, over a third of them civilians.

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199 Iraqis Dead Thursday

30 March 2007

At least 199 Iraqis were killed or found dead Thursday, according to, and 293 wounded. Among them were 53 killed and 103 injured in a series of bombings in Khalis. Also, two suicide bombers in Baghdad killed 76 and wounded over 100.

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Extra-Judicial Killings in Bangladesh

29 March 2007

A UN envoy says that the Bangladeshi government has not responded to his requests for more information on 27 deaths that the government says were caused by crossfire from a shootout, according to . The envoy, Philip Alston, says they were extra judicial killings.

Human rights groups have been accusing the Bangladeshi government of such executions for some time now, but usually the UN does not become involved.

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Shi’ite Police and Militants Kill 70

28 March 2007

Shi’ite militants and police together went on a shooting rampage Wednesday against Sunnis, according to the Houston Chronicle, killing as many as 70. The shootings were in Talafar, and were in response to a bombing that killed 80 yesterday in a mainly Shi’ite neighborhood.

Relatives of the bombing’s victims were among the Shi’ites that broke into Sunni homes to kill people inside.

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Bombs Kill 50 in Talafar

27 March 2007

Two bombs in trucks killed 50 people in Talafar, Iraq, according to BBC News, and injured 125. One truck detonated at a food market. Talafar has been suffering from food shortages, and the driver waited for people to gather around his truck before detonating the bomb.

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Landmines Still Kill in Turkey

26 March 2007

Though the government promised to clean up the landmines, an estimated 400,000 mines still lay in southeast Turkey, according to Reuters. The conflict between the government and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party started in 1984, and, though both sides have said they will not leave any more mines, they do.

Deaths and injuries have come to 533 since a ceasefire ended in 2004.

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Blasts in Mozambique Kill Almost 100

25 March 2007

96 people were killed and over 400 injured after a series of explosions at a Mozambique weapons depot near Maputo, according to BBC News. This was the second time in less than two months that old weapons in an arsenal have exploded there. Initial explosions caused additional ones; 20 tons of old weapons have been waiting to be destroyed.

Officials say that warm temperatures probably caused it, and that an investigation would be conducted.

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Unit Ordered Out of Afghanistan After Firing on Civilians

24 March 2007

The Marines accused of killing civilians after a suicide bombing are being investigated, according to CNN, and their entire unit (about 120 people) will be moved out at some point. Up to ten Afghans were killed and 34 wounded.

Also in Afghanistan, NATO troops killed a 12-year-old boy after they say the car he was in did not stop when ordered, according to the Yahoo.

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Two Killed in Hamas-Fatah Battles

23 March 2007

Two Palestinians were killed in gunfire between Hamas and Fatah in the Gaza Strip, according to Haaretz, one of them a toddler. At least one other person was also wounded.

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Battles in Pakistan Leave Nine Civilians Dead

22 March 2007

Al-Qaeda militants and tribesmen loyal to the Pakistani government battled for a third day, according to Yahoo Singapore, and Army troops also shelled Uzbek militants near the border with Afghanistan. At least nine civilians were killed in the fighting.

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