Suicide Bomb in Afghanistan Kills Three

A suicide bomber killed three civilians and wounded eight, according to USA Today. He was at a border crossing from Pakistan, and blew himself up in a line of people waiting to have their bags checked.

Another suicide bomber was shot outside an army recruitment center in the Helmand province, wounding two soldiers.

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2 Responses to “Suicide Bomb in Afghanistan Kills Three”

  1. mumbaiKar Says:

    Help is on the way…

    The Indian Air Force’s Air Warrior Symphony Orchestra (ASWO) is set to teach military tunes and perhaps some Hindustani compositions to Afghanistan’s armed forces.

    The Orchestra will provide training to 10 Afghan officers for six months on developing basic skills like reading notations, playing instruments and even selecting the right kind of instruments.

  2. Agent KGB Says:

    Oh all right then, no need to worry…
    Thanks for commenting.

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