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Extra-Judicial Killings in Bangladesh

29 March 2007

A UN envoy says that the Bangladeshi government has not responded to his requests for more information on 27 deaths that the government says were caused by crossfire from a shootout, according to . The envoy, Philip Alston, says they were extra judicial killings.

Human rights groups have been accusing the Bangladeshi government of such executions for some time now, but usually the UN does not become involved.

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Further Violence in Bangladesh Protest Clashes

10 January 2007

Riot police continued to use teargas to force stone-throwing protesters to disperse, according to BBC News. Homemade bombs and missiles were also thrown at police. It is reported that at least eight officers were injured, and said that at least 200 protesters were hurt, though it is unknown how many of them required hospital treatment.

The protesters are supporters of the Awami League, and say that the upcoming election will not be fair.

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Bangladash Shootings Investigated

5 September 2006

Although the Bangladeshi government has ordered an investigation of the killing of five protesters in August, it is not likely that those responsible will be punished given the country’s human rights record, according to Amnesty International. On August 26 a number of people in Phulbari were protesting the creation of a open-pit coalmine near where they live. Police and Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) fired into the crowd and killed at least five people, wounding more than 100 others.

At least 17 people have been killed between January and April this year when police fired on a crowd of people protesting electricity shortages. There has been no investigation of those killings nor has anyone been brought to justice.

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