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Attacks Near Darfur Leave 400 Dead

11 April 2007

Janjaweed militiamen killed an estimated 400 people in Chad March 31st, according to The State, near the border with Sudan. Initially the government said 65, but that number went to 200 and then to 400 according to the UN. Because most people were buried where they were found, it is unlikely the exact number will ever be known.

The attackers surrounded the villages and opened fire, then pursued people as they fled. Many others died of exhaustion or dehydration when trying to escape.

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Attacks Kill 200 in Chad

11 November 2006

Ethnic conflict apparently similar to that of Sudan has resulted in the deaths of about 200 recently, according to BBC News. It is reported that five villages were attacked, over a three day period beginning Saturday. There were apparently around 200 attackers, mostly on horseback and armed with machine guns.

The Chadian government accused Sudan’s government of “exporting the genocide.” Eastern Chad and Darfur have similar ethnic make-ups.

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