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Fighting in Palestine Escalates

12 June 2007

The death toll from two days of fighting in Palestine is now 37, according to MSNBC, and what Hamas and Fatah can agree on is that it is now a civil war.  One gun battle forced a dozen preschoolers to hide, another took place in a hospital.


Iraqis Say US Strike Killed Six

7 April 2007

A hospital and resident in Diwaniya say that six people were killed in a US strike there, according to Yahoo, including two children.

A U.S. spokesman said that “there was no collateral damage.”

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Raids in Haiti Killing Children

1 April 2007

The UN peacekeeping force is apparently killing an increasing number of children in Cite Soleil, Haiti, according to the Guardian. One boy was killed while playing with a pink toy phone; UN troops said he was holding a gun.

Cite Soleil is known for its gang violence, but reportedly the gangs have ganged up against the peacekeepers. The gangs often kidnap, traffic drugs, rape, torture and kill people.

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Two Killed in Hamas-Fatah Battles

23 March 2007

Two Palestinians were killed in gunfire between Hamas and Fatah in the Gaza Strip, according to Haaretz, one of them a toddler. At least one other person was also wounded.

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Child Decoys in Baghdad

21 March 2007

Two children were used to allow militants to explode a car bomb in Baghdad, according to Yahoo. The driver was able to park close to a shopping center after pointing out two kids in the back seat of the car. The adults then left and detonated the car from a distance. Three to eight other civilians were killed, and more wounded.

According to the UN, at least 204 children were killed in Iraq in 2006, and 777 wounded.

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Three Killed at Thailand School

18 March 2007

At least three teenage students have been killed in southern Thailand after an attack on their school, according to BBC News. Explosives were thrown and the attackers then opened fire. Seven students were also wounded.

Police blamed Muslim separatists, but many villagers suspect the government was involved.

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Blast in Somalia Kills Seven

16 March 2007

A bomb blast on the outskirts of Mogadishu, Somalia, killed a family of seven, according to BBC News, among them four children. The family was among the 40,000 who have left the capital since February, and were in the village of Afgoye.

Deputy Defence Minister Salad Ali Jelle says that 4,000 newly-trained soldiers will pacify the city in the next month.

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Two Civilians Killed in Somalia Crossfire

13 March 2007

Two civilians were killed in clashes between Ethiopian forces and insurgents, according to the Associated Press. Roughly 20 insurgents battled with the government forces, who were protecting a military base. The battle lasted fifteen minutes, then the insurgents disappeared.

One woman was killed while in a truck, and thirteen-year-old boy sitting in front of his house was shot in the head and killed.

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Today in Iraq

12 March 2007 described civilian violence in Iraq today as “lighter than usual.” Some of the violence included 20 bodies that were found shot to death, two boys that were killed when mortars fell on a soccer field, and the director of a state-owned water-supply company that was shot. Also, two people, one of whom was likely tortured, were found dead, and there is no word on what happened to a driver whose truck was found abandoned.

Meanwhile in Washington, Bush wants war funding with “no strings attached,” according to the New York Times, and says his hope is that “Congress provides the funding necessary for the combat troops to be able to do their job — without any strings attached.” Considering what he’s done with war authorization and funding in the past, my hope is that congress provides the troops what they need and has the sense not to give Bush any war funding without strings attached.

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Soldiers Accused of Open Firing in in Sadr City

10 March 2007

US soldiers have been accused of open firing on civilians in Sadr City and killing three, according to the New York Times. A man and his two daughters were killed, and his son wounded, according to his wife and members of the Iraqi police. The military describes it as an “escalation of force,” and says that an investigation will be carried out.

The daughters were nine- and 11-years-old, the son seven.

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