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Raids in Haiti Killing Children

1 April 2007

The UN peacekeeping force is apparently killing an increasing number of children in Cite Soleil, Haiti, according to the Guardian. One boy was killed while playing with a pink toy phone; UN troops said he was holding a gun.

Cite Soleil is known for its gang violence, but reportedly the gangs have ganged up against the peacekeepers. The gangs often kidnap, traffic drugs, rape, torture and kill people.

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UN Raids Kill Civilians in Haiti

2 February 2007

Raids by the UN in Haiti on December 22nd, 28th, and January 5th have killed an unknown number of civilians, according to The Independent. The raids were attacks on gangs in Cite Soleil. The roofs in this area offered little or no protection against the 22,000 bullets fired by UN forces.

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