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Iran Attack Plans

20 February 2007

The BBC reports that US plans to attack Iran would, if carried out, strike more than just Iranian nuclear sites, and involve attacks on much of the military infrastructure, such as air bases, naval bases, and missile facilities.

A BBC correspondent says that confirmation or Iranian nuclear development or deaths in Iraq caused by actions of the Iranian government could trigger the attack by the US. Though the US military has blamed Iran for sending weapons to Iraq, it has only been confirmed that some weapons were made in Iran, though not necessarily with government involvement.

According to CBS News, Ahmadinejad says that he will stop nuclear enrichment if Western nations do the same, which is unlikely to happen.

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Iran Situation Escalating

10 February 2007

“Informed sources” in Washington say that the Pentagon is in the advanced stages of planning an attack on Iran, and could attack this spring, according to The Guardian.  It is reported that such an attack would be primarily by air.  Bush has also ordered that oil reserves be stockpiled, possibly in preparation for a war with Iran.

An attack on Iran is an idea strongly pushed by neo-conservative groups, and could be furthered by the discovery of Iranian weapons being used in Iraq.

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They Won’t Happen?

15 January 2007

His other views aside, Enoch Powell was right when he said that “History is littered with wars which everybody knew would never happen.” Though we’ve already invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, the White House refuses to rule out the possibility of an attack on Iran. Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) told Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, “No one in our government can sit here today and tell Americans that we won’t engage the Iranians and the Syrians cross-border.”

In a moment of brilliance, the EU has noted that the US attacks on Somalia could result in “an escalation of military activity in south Somalia which risks having a negative impact on the process of peace process and reconciliation — which should be our main priority.”

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Israel Plans Nuclear Attack

7 January 2007

Israel has created plans to attack Iranian nuclear enrichment facilities with tactical nuclear weapons, according to the Times Online, which have a force about one-fifteenth that of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. It would be the first attack with nuclear weapons since 1945.

Two Israeli air force squadrons are training for the attack, in which conventional laser-guided bombs would be fired, to open “tunnels,” and would be followed by by “mini-nukes.”

Israel has identified three targets: Natanz, a facility near Isfahan, and a reactor at Arak. According to Wikipedia, Natanz had a population of 39,964 in 1999, Isfahan a population of 1,573,378 in 2006, and Arak a population of 511,127 in 2005. Scientists say that while the contamination from the bombs may be limited, tons of radioactive uranium compounds would be released.

Surprisingly, some experts think that a nuclear attack on Iran by Israel may have repercussions, “including widespread protests that could destabilise parts of the Islamic world friendly to the West.”

UPDATE: Israel has now denied that it is planning a nuclear attack, according to MSNBC.

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Attack on Iran Would be Understood

3 November 2006

George Bush would “understand” if Israel attacked Iran preemptively in response to the possibility that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, according to the Jerusalem Post. As he should, since he did it in Iraq. Bush’s invasion, as everyone knows, went quite well, the mission is now accomplished, and everyone in Iraq currently lives in happy harmony. There is no reason to believe that the same would not occur in Iran.

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Iran Shuts Down Human Rights Group

12 August 2006

The Iranian government has now outlawed a human rights group, according to an article by The Independent, saying it did not apply for a permit. It is a typical excuse used by Iran to shut down dissident groups. Iran has declared that any violators will be prosecuted.

The Centre for Defence of Human Rights frequently gives free counsel to dissidents, such as journalists or academics, who speak out against the Iranian government. Last month, a co-founder of the CDHR was sentenced to five years in jail.

Iran’s attack on human rights is particularly apparent this year, as 101 people have been executed since the beginning of 2006, much greater than the 43 executed in the same time frame last year, according to Amnesty International.

The contrast between western and eastern views on human rights is becoming much less existent, and both are going in the same direction.

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