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UN Says Israel Violated International Law

15 April 2007

The U.N. envoy for children says that Israel’s actions last summer violated international law, according to USAToday. She said that this would be discussed on her trip to the Middle East, and that she would also press for locations of cluster bombs dropped in southern Lebanon toward the end of the war.

1200 Lebanese were killed during the war. Another 29 were killed and 215 injured afterwards by unexploded cluster bombs. The bombing of infrastructure is costing 2.8 billion USD in repairs.

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Israel Plans Another Gaza Invasion

5 April 2007

Israel is planning to invade Gaza again, according to Al Jazeera, reportedly between April 15th and June 15th. Their concern is that Hamas is becoming too much like Hezbollah, and since action against Hezbollah was so incredibly effective last summer, they’re tackling Hamas this year.

About 400 Palestinians died during Israeli incursions into Gaza last year.

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Suicide Bomb Kills Three in Israel

29 January 2007

In the first such attack in nine months, a Palestinian suicide bomber killed three in Eliat, Israel, according to Yahoo. The bombing came during a slow restarting of the peace process. Islamic Jihad and the Al-Asqa Martyrs Brigade jointly claimed responsibility for the attack.

A top aide to Abbas said that “We reject these acts and we do not believe that they are in the interest of the Palestinian cause and that they blacken the image of the Palestinian people.”

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