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Five Killed in Kashmir Attacks

31 March 2007

Five people were killed and four wounded in Indian Kashmir by Islamic militants, according to Yahoo. The attacks took place Thursday, in the Mathiyani Gala village, in the border district of Rajouri.

The 17-year insurgency has left 42,147 people dead, over a third of them civilians.

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Landmine Killed One in Kashmir

29 December 2006

A landmine explosion killed one civilian in Kashmir, according to BBC News, in Srinagar. The mine was aimed at paramilitary personnel.  The explosion was in part of Indian-administered Kashmir.

More than 60,000 people have been killed in Kashmir since 1989, though violence has decreased since Pakistan and India began working towards peace in 2004.

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Grenade Kills Boy in Kashmir

22 September 2006

A grenade intended to kill police missed its target and killed a boy in Kashmir, according to Yahoo News.  The grenade was likely thrown by Islamic militants.  Two other children were wounded.  The attack was soon after a militant group offered a conditional truce during Ramadan.

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Indian Troops Shoot Pakistani Boys in Pakistan

18 August 2006

Indian troops fired across the Line of Control and wounded two Pakistani boys this week, according to an article by the BBC. The “incident” took place in the Rawalkot sector, and was in violation of a 2003 truce.

Both boys were about 400 meters inside Pakistan when they were fired at, according to the Pakistani military. They were moving sand from a water channel, and it remains unclear how this was mistaken for dangerous activity. The Indian military denies that the event took place.