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NBC Labels it a Civil War

28 November 2006

NBS has begun to refer to the violence in Iraq as a civil war, according to Reuters. Though of course it has been a civil war since before NBC decided to recognize it as such, it is nonetheless an interesting development. The White House, unsurprisingly, was not thrilled with the new way NBC words its broadcasts.

Whether other stations follow NBC’s lead has yet to be seen.

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Not a Good Ratio

9 October 2006

Israeli forces killed a militant and a civilian yesterday near the West Bank, according to Yahoo News.
In baseball, a batting average of .500 is so fantastic it is unheard of. If such a player existed he could retire a trillionaire in a year.

A ratio of killing one militant for one civilian, .500, is unacceptably bad. Nonetheless most people in the killing nations in such situations, or the allies of such a nation, think little of it. Their news would probably give more attention to a baseball player with a batting average of .343 than a country with a civilian/militant ratio of 1:1.

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Bombs Kill Four in Thailand

17 September 2006

A series of bomb blasts killed four people in Thailand, according to Seattle PI, and more than 60 were wounded. There were at least five bombs, which are believed to have been exploded remotely.

Officials blamed separatists, who have fought for two years, in a war that has resulted in 1,700 deaths, mostly civilian. Most of the violence has been in the mostly Muslim region in the south, where residents say they are discriminated against by Thailand’s Buddhist majority.

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Afghanistan Bomb Kills 14 Civilians

9 September 2006

Though you wouldn’t know it from MSNBC’s headline, a bomb blast killed 14 civilians in Kabul recently, and wounded 27 others. Two US soldiers were also killed, and two others wounded. It was the deadliest suicide bombing in Kabul since 2001. One of those killed was woman out with her granddaughter, according to the woman’s son.

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Children Held and Abused Without Charges

20 August 2006

A number of children who have not actually been charged with a crime are being held in juvenile detention centers in Iraq, according to an article by the Washington Times. Some of them are there because no one has picked them up to take them home. Although there have been reports of “physical and other abuse,” the coalition says the issue is considered “not our urgent business.”

So the US military got sick of torturing adults, and has now started abusing children? That’s not spreading the freedom, liberty, justice, or happiness that Bush talks about so much.

According to a State Department official, these children were “rounded up for no particular reason, who have not been charged but have been put into detention,” as have many adults.

The US can be captivated when the man who murdered a girl a decade ago is captured, but the torture of unknown numbers of children RIGHT NOW is of no interest? Children who did NOTHING wrong? One child from a decade ago is headline news but you can’t find anything about this on CNN?

If these were American children, it would get more attention than Hurricane Katrina.

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Sri Lanka Raid Kills Children

15 August 2006

Though the government denies it, UN officials say that a number of children were killed in a raid Monday in Sri Lanka, according to an article by the BBC. Rebel groups say the raid hit an orphanage, killing 61 children there. According to Unicef, about 100 children are being treated. The government says that the target was a rebel base, and those killed were child soldiers. Most of those being treated are girls aged 16 to 19.

The slaughter of children is one of the few aspects of war that is worse than the death of adult civilians, because children have more to lose.

How is it that the Boston Masacre, in which the British killed five civilian colonists shortly before the “American Revolution,” makes every history textbook used in the United States, but the killing of 61 children doesn’t make the CNN homepage? If five deaths is a massacre, what are 61 deaths?

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Israel Strikes in Gaza

5 August 2006

While the world watches the attacks in Lebanon, or avoids watching them, there is little coverage of the attacks in Gaza conducted by the Israeli military. According to an article by the BBC, at least four Palestinians were killed in a pair of missile strikes in the Gaza Strip. The first missile hit a house and killed a teenage boy and his younger sister, while seriously injuring their mother. Later, a second missile killed two men, who Israel claims were Islamic militants. About 12 Palestinians have been killed in the past three days.

Since the capture of Israeli Corporal Gilad Shalit, about 150 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli strikes, many of them civilians. According to the United Nations, at least 35 of those killed in the past month have been children.

If a Mexican missile hit Chicago and killed two teenagers, the Marines would overrun Mexico City in a day. No Western nation would have anything to do with Mexico for years. It would not, in short, be accepted.

The US military holds an unknown number of people, many from Afghanistan, in Cuba, without charges or trial. But if Afghans sent missiles into Boston, the West would rise up and reinvade Afghanistan. It would not be accepted no matter how many missiles we sent into Afghanistan ourselves or how many people we took from the nation and from their families.

Likewise, there is no reason the Israeli strikes have to be accepted. The Israeli government has no right to kill as it pleases.

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