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Landmines in Nepal

12 September 2006

Landmines in Nepal, set by Maoist rebels and government troops, have killed at least 1,290 people, according to Daily News Online, most of them civilians. Since Maoist revolts began about a decade ago, over 13,000 people have been killed. Both groups have agreed to stop setting landmines.

Though this is fantastic, it cannot bring those 1,290 people back. Also, landmines don’t run on batteries, they don’t run out, they don’t expire, they don’t vanish or disappear, they don’t go bad, they don’t rot. They just stay there until someone gets rid of them. There are three ways that can happen: They can be defused, they can be exploded safely, or they can kill someone.

It is obviously in the interests of the civilians that they go through one of the first two means.

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