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Three Killed in Pakistan

9 April 2007

Three tribesmen were killed in South Waziristan, according to, by militants going to the border with Afghanistan. NATO forces say that if they try to enter Afghanistan they would engage them.

Locals say they are probably headed toward the Baghar area, where the tribal lashkar supported by Pakistani forces will try to push them across the border.

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Battles in Pakistan Leave Nine Civilians Dead

22 March 2007

Al-Qaeda militants and tribesmen loyal to the Pakistani government battled for a third day, according to Yahoo Singapore, and Army troops also shelled Uzbek militants near the border with Afghanistan. At least nine civilians were killed in the fighting.

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Motorcycle Bomb Wounds 13

8 March 2007

A motorcyle bomb has wounded 13 in Baluchistan, Pakistan, according to Reuters. Among the wounded were three children.

It is suspected that the bombing was by a nationalist group who wants a greater share of the profits. Though the biggest and gas-rich, Baluchistan is the poorest province in Pakistan.

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Blast Kills 67 on India-Pakistan Train

19 February 2007

67 people aboard a train from India to Pakistan were killed in an explosion, according to Yahoo, near the Deewana station (about 100 kilometers north of New Delhi). The train is known as the “Samjhauta (Friendship) Express,” and authorities say the blast was intended to slow the peace process.

It is reported that some of the train coaches were locked, preventing many people from escaping the burning train.

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Bombing Stops Red Cross Work in Pakistan

11 February 2007

The Red Cross has stopped its work in Pakistan in response to an explosive that was thrown into a compound in Peshawar, according to Al Jazeera. Four vehicles were damaged but no one was injured because the office was closed.

Last Monday a grenade that was thrown into a Save the Children compound in Battagram, injuring two employees.

The aid agencies in Pakistan help refugees from Afghanistan and aid in the recovery from the 2005 earthquake.

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Taliban Campaign Against Schools

4 February 2007

A branch of the Taliban in Pakistan is bombing girls’ schools on the border regions, according to the Telegraph, something that has already been done in Afghanistan, where 61 teachers have been killed and 183 schools destroyed in the last year and a half.

Only one percent of women on the border region of Pakistan receive an education currently.

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Pakistan School Raid Kills 70

31 October 2006

A raid on a school in Pakistan recently killed 70 to 80 people, most of who were civilians according to many in the village, according to an article by the BBC. Officials say that those killed were militants.

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Nine Killed in Pakistan Bombing

22 October 2006

The death toll from a recent bomb explosion in Pakistan reached nine after two more people died in a hospital, according to Yahoo News. No one has claimed responsibility for the bombing, and police have not been able to determine who is responsible.

It is believed that the bombing was a terrorist act, against President Musharraf’s support for the United States.

About 40 people were wounded, many of them seriously.

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Grenade Kills Boy in Kashmir

22 September 2006

A grenade intended to kill police missed its target and killed a boy in Kashmir, according to Yahoo News.  The grenade was likely thrown by Islamic militants.  Two other children were wounded.  The attack was soon after a militant group offered a conditional truce during Ramadan.

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Bombing Kills Five, Others Wounded

8 September 2006

A bomb in Balochistan, the southern region of Pakistan, killed five people recently, according to the BBC. More than 20 others were wounded, and it is likely that the death toll will rise, due to the critical condition of many of the wounded. Police say they think that tribal groups trying to gain more autonomy might have planned the bombing.

A recent Pakistani military raid killed rebel leader Nawab Akbar Bugti, which has disrupted life in the region. Balochistan is rich in oil, and Mr. Bugti supported giving the area a greater share of the resources. Pakistani officials, however, have accused him of organizing an armed insurgency against Pakistan.

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