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Fighting in Palestine Escalates

12 June 2007

The death toll from two days of fighting in Palestine is now 37, according to MSNBC, and what Hamas and Fatah can agree on is that it is now a civil war.  One gun battle forced a dozen preschoolers to hide, another took place in a hospital.


18 Civilians Killed in Lebanon

22 May 2007

17 Palestinian refugees and one Lebanese civilian were killed in three days of fighting between the army and Fatah Al-Islam forces in northern Lebanon, according to Yahoo. Thirty Lebanese soldiers and 17 militants were also killed, making it the deadliest stretch of internal violence since the civil war from 1975 to 1990.

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Alan Johnston Petition

13 April 2007

The BBC has an online petition for Alan Johnston’s release here, which currently has nearly 30,000 signatures.

He has been missing for a month and a day now.

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Israel Plans Another Gaza Invasion

5 April 2007

Israel is planning to invade Gaza again, according to Al Jazeera, reportedly between April 15th and June 15th. Their concern is that Hamas is becoming too much like Hezbollah, and since action against Hezbollah was so incredibly effective last summer, they’re tackling Hamas this year.

About 400 Palestinians died during Israeli incursions into Gaza last year.

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Two Killed in Hamas-Fatah Battles

23 March 2007

Two Palestinians were killed in gunfire between Hamas and Fatah in the Gaza Strip, according to Haaretz, one of them a toddler. At least one other person was also wounded.

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Israeli Soldiers Used Human Shields

9 March 2007

B’Tselem, an Israeli human rights group, has accused the Israeli army of using three Palestinians, three of them children, as human shields in a recent West Bank raid, according to BBC News. Amid Omeira, 15-years-old, says that a group of soldiers forced him at gunpoint to enter several houses ahead of them. His cousin Samah, 24-years-old, had a similar account, as did Jihan Dadush, 11-years-old.

B’Tselem has accused the Israeli military authorities of not adequately informing soldiers of the human rights laws which prohibit using civilians as human shields, but seriously, that’s not the problem. You don’t need to be aware there’s a law against it to know that, if it’s a situation where you want a shield, forcing innocent civilians in ahead of you is not the solution.

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Palestine Shooting to be Investigated

1 March 2007

The IDF military police says that it has opened an investigation into the shooting of a girl in northern Negav by the IDF, according to Haaretz. The girl, a 12-year-old Bedouin who was herding sheep, is currently hospitalized and has life-threatening bullet wounds to the head.

It is reportedly possible that the girl did not have a permit to herd sheep where she was. No new herding permits have been issues since 1999.

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Battles Between Factions Leave Nine Civilians Dead

31 January 2007

At least nine civilians, among them three children, have been killed in battles between Hamas and Fatah, according to Reuters.  Though they say they hope that a Tuesday truce will help end the fighting, many Gaza residents have been trapped in their homes.  One refugee camp now houses 100,000 people.

The UN says that it is continuing to deliver aid.

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Suicide Bomb Kills Three in Israel

29 January 2007

In the first such attack in nine months, a Palestinian suicide bomber killed three in Eliat, Israel, according to Yahoo. The bombing came during a slow restarting of the peace process. Islamic Jihad and the Al-Asqa Martyrs Brigade jointly claimed responsibility for the attack.

A top aide to Abbas said that “We reject these acts and we do not believe that they are in the interest of the Palestinian cause and that they blacken the image of the Palestinian people.”

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Violence Kills 12 in Palestine, Two-Year-Old

27 January 2007

Twelve people were killed in Palestine fighting between Hamas and Fatah in the last day, according to YNetNews, among them a two-year-old boy. Also, 30 people have been wounded and 24 kidnapped. Though there were talks Friday in which both sides agreed to release captives and stop sending gunmen through the streets, battles continued.

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