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DU Video not Shown

7 February 2007

Although the Army continues to deny the health risks of depleted uranium, it did make a video about the dangers of it, according to the Raw Story. The video was never shown to troops, however. DU was used as a projectile in the first Gulf War because it is hard enough to penetrate things most other weaponry can’t. It is also being used in Iraq today.

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11 November 2006

88 years ago today WWI officially ended. WWI was noted for being the first “Total War,” and resulted in the deaths of about 15 million, roughly six million of which were civilians. Many of the nine million military deaths though, were the deaths of soldiers who were conscripted. Though most Western nations no longer have a system of involuntary conscription, they have in the past, and many nations still do. Draftees, though they are armed, are armed through no fault of their own; they may not want to fight or kill, but they are made to, and all too often they are killed.

Regardless of whether conscripted soldiers are technically civilians or not, the death of someone conscripted to fight a war they did not believe in, when they did not want to kill, is the death of a civilian.

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Landmines Continue to Kill

24 October 2006

Landmines continue to kill innocent civilians, according to the New York Times. A highway worker was killed when his cutting machine struck a bomb and the bomb exploded. Also, on Saturday 1,000 people were evacuated after a bomb was discovered, following the evacuation of 22,000 people last week.

“We’ll have enough work to keep us busy for the next 100 to 120 years,” said the owner of a small bomb-diffusion company.

The bombs were those dropped on Germany by the Allies in World War II.

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