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Sri Lankan Government Accused of Killing 39

17 February 2007

The Tamil Tigers have accused the Sri Lankan army of killing 39 civilians and abducting 39 others over the past two weeks, according to the Herald Sun.  The accusation followed the government bombing of targets in the Jaffna peninsula, and the Tigers say that 18 of the 39 killed were in the town of Jaffna.

The conflict in Sri Lanka, which is now in its 35th year, has resulted in 60,000 deaths.

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At Least Five Civilians Killed in Sri Lanka

2 January 2007

Three members of Sri Lanka’s security forces and five civilians were killed recently, according to Yahoo. A postman and his wife were killed Monday morning, and police reported finding two more bodies in the area as well. In a neighboring district, three youths were shot by unidentified gunmen.

The violence in Sri Lanka has killed over 60,000 people since 1972.

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Child Soldiers Released

20 December 2006

The Tamil Tigers said recently that 23 children who had been mistakenly recruited were released, according to Yahoo India.  However, Sri Lanka’s military says that only 15 were released and a girl and seven boys remain missing.

The rebels have also suspended the fighters who recruited them without checking their ages, though the Tamil Tigers deny that it was an abduction.

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Child Soldiers in Sri Lanka

29 November 2006

Human rights groups accused Sri Lanka’s government of cooperating with militant groups who are kidnapping children to have fight, according to CSMonitor. The average age of a Tamil Tiger child soldier is 16, according to UNICEF. It is reported that children as young as 11 have been kidnapped.

Many minors also join the government military, though the minimum age is said to be 18. The monthly wage of a soldier with a minimum eighth grade education in the government forces is $160, about twice as much as a civilian machine worker who graduated high school.

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Aid Agencies Denied Access to Refugees

7 October 2006

Aid agencies say that they are being denied access to 200,000 people who have been displaced in Sri Lanka, according to The News.  the groups on both sides of the conflict have been uncooperative in allowing humanitarian aid to get to people who need it.

The Sri Lankan government say that two of the protesting agencies, Doctors Without Borders and Doctors of the World, are being investigated for allegedly helping the rebel group.

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Military Stops Muslims from Fleeing in Sri Lanka

25 September 2006

Hundreds of Sri Lankan Muslim civilians were prevented from leaving their homes in response to rebel leaflets warning them of an attacks, according to The International Herald Tribune.  “The security forces are giving protection to the civilians in Mutur,” a military spokesman said, adding that officials were “telling people not to leave, because security is provided by the security forces.”  Not only are they telling them not to though, they have stopped the ferry as well as prevented people from traveling by land away from the area.

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Muslims Forced to Leave Homes in Sri Lanka

24 September 2006

Muslims are leaving their homes in fear of an attack by the Tamil Tigers, according to The State. The Tamil Tigers, who are Hindu, claim they are discriminated against by Sri Lanka’s Buddhist majority, and fight for a separate homeland in the north. The Tigers also though fight the Muslims: in 1990 they killed 130 Muslims in one day.

The current conflict has killed about one hundred civilians since July.

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Sri Lanka Raid Kills Children

15 August 2006

Though the government denies it, UN officials say that a number of children were killed in a raid Monday in Sri Lanka, according to an article by the BBC. Rebel groups say the raid hit an orphanage, killing 61 children there. According to Unicef, about 100 children are being treated. The government says that the target was a rebel base, and those killed were child soldiers. Most of those being treated are girls aged 16 to 19.

The slaughter of children is one of the few aspects of war that is worse than the death of adult civilians, because children have more to lose.

How is it that the Boston Masacre, in which the British killed five civilian colonists shortly before the “American Revolution,” makes every history textbook used in the United States, but the killing of 61 children doesn’t make the CNN homepage? If five deaths is a massacre, what are 61 deaths?

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