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Attacks Near Darfur Leave 400 Dead

11 April 2007

Janjaweed militiamen killed an estimated 400 people in Chad March 31st, according to The State, near the border with Sudan. Initially the government said 65, but that number went to 200 and then to 400 according to the UN. Because most people were buried where they were found, it is unlikely the exact number will ever be known.

The attackers surrounded the villages and opened fire, then pursued people as they fled. Many others died of exhaustion or dehydration when trying to escape.

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Darfur Suspects not Facing ICC

27 February 2007

Sudan says that it will not turn over two suspects in the Darfur Genocide to the International Criminal Court, according to BBC News, and they will not be prosecuted in Sudan either. The ICC said that Humanitarian Affairs Minister Ahmed Haroun and Janjaweed militia leader Ali Muhammad Ali Abd al-Rahman are suspected of 51 counts of war crimes.

Sudan did not sign the convention in which the ICC was established, and says that it has no jurisdiction.  It also says that its own courts are not capable or prosecuting them.

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Aid Workers Attacked, Rapes Continue

28 January 2007

Aid workers were attacked in Sudan recently, one of them raped, according to the Telegraph. They were attacked by a group of police officers at an aid agency compound. The UN says that if the attacks on aid workers do not cease, they will be forced to withdraw from Darfur.

A French aid worker was also raped in December, in the same month as a doctor who was gang-raped for protesting the rape of over 40 children.

Bush is apparently taking a now six-year break from “his watch.”

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Numbers from 2006

31 December 2006

An unknown number of civilians killed (FAIR)
An unknown number of civilians wounded (FAIR)

An unknown number of civilians killed
An unknown number of civilians wounded
An unknown number of civilian displaced

An unknown number of civilians killed
An unknown number of civilians wounded

43 Israeli civilians killed (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
51 foreign civilians killed (Various sources, links on Wikipedia)
Somewhere over 1,000 Lebanese civilians killed (Arutz Sheva)

2 Israeli children killed (Remember These Children Memorial)
141 Palestinian children killed (BBC News)
332 Civilian Palestinians killed (BBC News)
23 Israelis killed (BBC News)
738 Palestinians held without trial or knowledge of charges as of November (BBC News)
22 Palestinians minors held without trial or knowledge of charges as of November (BBC News)

Hundreds killed (Reuters)
Hundreds of civilians wounded (Reuters)
Thousands of civilians displaced (Reuters)

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Human Rights Day

10 December 2006

Gunmen killed at least 20 civilians in Darfur, according to BBC News. A foreign aid worker said that pro-government Janjaweed forces attacked a refugee convoy with rocket-propelled grenades.

The conflict in Darfur has claimed 200,000 lives in the past three years.

News of the attack came on Human Rights Day.

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300 Killed in Sudan

30 November 2006

It is reported that many of the 300 killed in fighting near Malakal, Sudan, were civilians, according to BBC News.  The fighting was between the government forces and rebels, and is said to be a serious breach of a 2005 agreement.

Though most of the dead are believed to be soldiers, it was in a civilian area and so many civilians were killed also.

There are currently 10,000 UN peacekeeper in southern Sudan.

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Attack in Darfur Kills Up to 92

19 November 2006

A recent series of attacks killed 63 to 92 people recently, according to Times Online, over 20 of them children. Villagers say that the attackers were in government uniforms, with government badges, and had new guns as well as satellite phones, which is similar to the description people in another village gave. Last Tuesday, militiamen with new weapons and Landcruisers blocked African Union investigators.

Many areas of Darfur are now inaccessible to aid groups who would provide food, clean water, and medicine. From Times Online:

Organisations that speak out against abuses, such as gang rape and intimidation, find their members arrested or permits to operate revoked. Laptop computers are confiscated and searched at the airport. In El Fasher, the capital of north Darfur, one official tried to seize papers belonging to The Sunday Times containing confidential interviews with civilians who had suffered at the hands of government forces.

About 200,000 people have already been killed in the conflict and two million displaced.

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UN Troops to Darfur

17 November 2006

Kofi Annan said on Thursday that there will be a joint AU-UN force in Darfur, according to BBC News. It remains unclear whether there will be the 17,000 UN troops that the UN wants to send or the 12,000 that Sudan’s government says is enough. There are currently 7,000 AU troops in Darfur.

Sudan’s government continues to maintain that the magnitude of the conflict is being exaggerated for political reasons.

Chad and the Central African Republic both accuse Sudan of backing rebels in their territory, and Chad says that it will be sending troops to help CAR.

Over 200,000 people have died in Darfur, and an additional three million have been displaced.

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30 Killed in Darfur

14 November 2006

30 people were killed recently and 40 injured in Darfur, according to BBC News, when pro-government militias raided a village.  About half the village was also razed.

Though the UN Security Council has passed a resolution to send 20,000 troops to Darfur, Sudan’s government has rejected it saying it would infringe on its sovereignty.

About 200,000 have been killed in Darfur, and about two million displaced.

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Attacks Kill 63

4 November 2006

Attacks in Darfur killed at least 63 people recently, according to Reuters. 33 were children, 27 of those under 12 years old. It is reported that eight villages were attacked and a number of people fled into Chad.

According to the African Union, the attacks occurred on October 29, and that the government had also been bombing the region regularly.

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