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Three Buddhist Women Killed in Thailand

20 March 2007

Militants in southern Thailand attacked a truck carrying workers to a farm, according to Reuters, killing three Buddhist women and wounding three other people. The road was blocked with motorcycles and militants attacked the pick-up truck with automatic rifles.

This attacked follows an attack on a school in which three Muslim boys were killed. Police say that Muslim separatists were responsible but villagers say that Muslims would not have attacked Muslim boys.

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Three Killed at Thailand School

18 March 2007

At least three teenage students have been killed in southern Thailand after an attack on their school, according to BBC News. Explosives were thrown and the attackers then opened fire. Seven students were also wounded.

Police blamed Muslim separatists, but many villagers suspect the government was involved.

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Three Buddhists Killed in Thailand

14 January 2007

Three Buddhists were killed by Islamic militants in southern Thailand, according to BBC News. In the past three years almost 2,000 have died in three southern provinces.

Two of those killed were a man who was shot and then beheaded, and his wife who was also shot. A note was found saying “We will kill all Thai Buddhists” and was signed by the Pattani Fighters, referring to one of the provinces. The third Buddhist was killed by gunmen on a motorcycle in a separate attack.

Shootings and other attacks occur almost every day in the region.

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Bombs Kill Four in Thailand

17 September 2006

A series of bomb blasts killed four people in Thailand, according to Seattle PI, and more than 60 were wounded. There were at least five bombs, which are believed to have been exploded remotely.

Officials blamed separatists, who have fought for two years, in a war that has resulted in 1,700 deaths, mostly civilian. Most of the violence has been in the mostly Muslim region in the south, where residents say they are discriminated against by Thailand’s Buddhist majority.

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